Nov 19, 2020 > Solar
As we live “off the grid” we rely on solar to keep our batteries charged
These panels have now been on Nandji for over 14 months and we are very impressed.
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Product review Solbian SR160L Flexible Solar Panels
REVIEWED BY Yoshi & Bonita 16 reviews
Bruce Roberts cutter-rigged sloop Nandji
When we first bought Nandji, on the davits were 3x80 watt rigid solar panels. As we live "off the grid" and rely upon solar to keep our batteries charged, we knew these ancient Solar panels were not going to cut the mustard sos to say. We researched flexible solar panels as they are the "new" thing and found Solbian. The panel model we have on Nandji is SR160L stitched onto the bimini with Bonita's skills at Kore Sails in Mooloolaba. These highly efficient panels are constructed with crystalline silicon cells, the most efficient and proven on the market, and using lightweight and flexible encapsulation materials. Below is what Solbian have to say about these panels. "Born to work well even in particularly difficult circumstances and under heavy mechanical stresses typical of extreme ocean racing, the photovoltaic module "Solbianflex" is a true revolution in the field for the high efficiency never achieved by a light and flexible panel and for the outstanding resistance to weather and degrading agents such as thermal shock, fog and salt water, solar radiation and shocks (can be walked). The panel is made of special polymers selected by researchers of CNR, a patented technology." These panels have now been on Nandji for over 14 months and we are very impressed with the output they create. With our old set up only, we would need a sunny day, all day to replenish the battery bank. With our new Solbian panels installed we have noticed in just the morning sun, our batteries have reached capacity. Together with the panels we installed the Victron MPPT 75 l 15 charge controllers, one for each panel, to regulate charge. By having the panels wired through separate charge controllers, if one panel is shaded, the other panel is still working at optimal efficiency. This can happen quite often whilst sailing, but even with the one panel operating, it keeps our batteries charged. I look forward to installing Lithium batteries to reduce the charge times even less.
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