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Have an SUP? Hate pumping it up? Get a Seamax SUP20D Pro
This gizmo saved my arms
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Product review Seamax SUP 20D Pro
REVIEWED BY Craig and Janice 1 review
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Have a SUP, Inflatable Kayak or Dinghy and hate the arm blasting workout it takes to get it inflated every time you want to use it? We did and because of that, we were not using our SUP as much as would like to until we bought a Seamax SUP 20D Pro. We paid our own money for this product and we were not paid anything to review it so our positive review of this pump is our unbiased true feelings. This pump has been a godsend and we now pump everything up with this product (even little floaty chairs) and believe anyone that has inflatable products can benefit from getting this product and will probably inflate things just on the slight chance you may use it. Get to an anchorage - blow up the chairs and SUP. No more sore cheeks or lightheadedness from the chairs or burned out arms from the SUP.
There are 2 versions of this product. The 20D is larger and probably stronger and has a deflate option. The 20S just inflates. We opted for the Larger 20D and were are glad we did as now our SUP goes completely flat in seconds and rolls up nice and small to get back into the bag.
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