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Jordan and Desiree of Sailing Atticus check out the Pacific Seacraft 37
This classic, blue-water boat has many advantages, but its canoe stern limits cockpit space.
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Product review Pacific Seacraft 37
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REVIEWED BY Jordan and Desiree 13 reviews, 12 followers
Allied Seawind 30 Atticus
In this video Jordan and Desiree of Sailing Attitcus check out the classic blue-water Pacific Seacraft with its owner, how took his boat to the factory for an extensive refit. According to Jordan and Desiree, “The Pacific Seacraft 37 has been at the top of our list for Atticus II based on our research so far. Today we finally get to see it in person. This Pacific Seacraft has a unique story-- although it was built in 1988, the owner completely refit it at the Pacific Seacraft Factory in 2012 to the point that it’s essentially a new boat. Hop aboard with us as we get a feel for the Pacific Seacraft 37 and stick around for some advice from author and professional sailor John Kretschmer as well as some words of wisdom from our Broker, Bernie Jakits of David Walter Yachts.”
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