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Now ships can see us virtually before they see us visually
With the Vesper Marine XB 8000 AIS with WiFi, I can access data and controls from anywhere.
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Product review Vesper Marine XB 8000 AIS
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Morgan 45 Rigging Doctor
This nifty gadget simply plugs into the VHF antenna cable, gets some power from the batteries, and it’s up and running! There was no software to mess with or settings to monkey around in, it just works! Best of all, it connects to your phone with Bluetooth so you can see all the other boats displayed on your Navionics screen. While just under $1000 for everything seems a bit pricey, imagine being out in the middle of the ocean on a dark night. You see a navigation light on the horizon and begin to wonder if you are going to crash! You could either watch the light for hours to determine if you are on a collision course or not, or you could open the app and pull up all the information you could dream of! Instantly you will know how close you will be and where they will pass you (bow or port stern quarter). The peace of mind that you can identify a ship (and they can identify you) before you even become visible over the horizon is a huge game changer for night sailing! From the manufacturer: This package is designed for installing an XB-8000 AIS Transponder in a nav station or wheelhouse and allows you to share a single VHF antenna between your AIS transponder and VHF radio. The package includes:
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