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The “Speedy Stitcher” is one of the most helpful things on the boat
It allows us to make repairs to our sails without taking the sails to the sailmaker
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Product review Speedy Stitcher by Sailrite
REVIEWED BY Matt and Amy 1 review
Oyster Heritage 37s Florence
After 18 months of non-stop cruising, mainly in areas where it is very difficult to obtain spare parts, it was time to haul Florence out of the water and give her some tender loving care. Along with the standard re-anti-fouling we had a long list of items that were easier to do whilst in the boatyard than out cruising. It was a month of long days and hard work. This included a small repair to the sacrificial UV cloth on our genoa, for which we used one of the most helpful things on the boat: a “Speedy Stitcher.”
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