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Think of the loudest thing you’ve ever heard. Then multiply by ten.
The Watch Commander’s second alarm is an unbearably loud, ear-piercing screech.
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Product review The Watch Commander
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The Watch Commander was a product produced by Emerald Marine Products in the late 1990’s. Dedicated to maritime safety, EMP made a product that helped solo sailors keep alert while on watch. Here is a short description of the product. “Checking the horizon frequently is important.  On an offshore passage, it is easy to forget or get distracted.  The Watch Commander won’t let you. Connect to the ships batteries, select your desired time interval and it is on duty for the entire passage.  There is no danger that you will forget to set it like a kitchen timer or sleep through it like a watch.  Every time you check the horizon, push the button to restart the timing cycle.  If you forget, are hurt or have fallen overboard,  the Watch Commander will beep, gently at first so as not to wake up the off watch, but after 30 seconds, a siren sounds loud enough to wake up everyone on board.” Unfortunately, EMP no longer sells the Watch Commander, but it is available through Lunde Electronics located in Seattle Washington. You can contact Darren Lundsford at 206-789-3011 and he will be able to help you obtain a Watch Commander.
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