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When doing the doggy paddle is not enough
Our dog is not a good swimmer, so we got him some help
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Product review Dog Aquatic Safety Swimming Suit
REVIEWED BY Justine and Robi 8 reviews, 6 followers
Our dog, Choco, came to us from the highway here in Mexico when he looked to be about 1 year old, and he was not well accustomed to playing in the water. The first time we brought him to the beach he was terrified of swimming. He had clearly never experienced being totally immersed in water before. Living on our boat for some time now, he has gotten used to swimming by fetching coconuts in the water next to our dock. However, he remains a pretty weak swimmer (he doesn't like to kick very much with his back legs, and his rear end stays very low in the water). We consider the life jacket to be essential for his safety because he is a particularly shaky swimmer, but we also feel good about having it onboard for the same reason that we carry life jackets onboard for ourselves; when the weather becomes rough, or there are potential emergency circumstances that would force us, perhaps, to be immersed in the water for long periods of time, we need to have that minimum safety item. While living aboard full time, we have obviously found that it is not necessary to have life jackets on at all times (should we wear life jackets to bed, and how about when hanging out with a glass of wine in the cockpit?), however, it is a good idea to have them nearby for ourselves, and for our tiny crew member, Choco, as well, whenever we are underway!
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