Dec 5, 2020 > Electronics & instruments
With Garmin’s InReach, we are never out of touch
In a way the InReach is like a tether - it keeps us attached to the world.
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Product review Garmin inReach
REVIEWED BY Herb and Maddie 28 reviews, 21 followers
Morgan 45 Rigging Doctor
This is one of our most-used boat gadgets. For a monthly fee of $54.00, we are able to text our family and friends while at sea. It also sends points on a map that anyone can follow. These points update every 10 minutes as long as the device is held outside. Weather forecasts are also available, but while the wind direction is accurate, wind speed has consistently been very off. The other unfortunate aspect is that messages take a very long time to send and receive (about 15 minutes each way). The messages and points don’t send at all from inside the boat.
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