Feb 1, 2021
Are reviews for real?
Some, but not all, YouTube creators get discounts or free stuff to post reviews
POSTED BY Alan Jacobson
Beneteau 40CC “Imagine”
In 2019, the Federal Trade Commission required that influencers, ranging from big-name celebrities to Instagram-famous figures, disclose when their posts are the result of a material connection with a company. Instagram responded by providing a tool to standardize the display of these disclosures. We have done the same at Art of Boat Repair; We ask all reviewers to disclose whether they have received any incentives before they post. Here are two examples from Art of Boat Repair: 1. Bill and Sierra of Tula’s Endless Summer received nothing for their Mantus Headlamp review: https://artofboatrepair.com/review-page/the-mantus-headlamp-battery-lasts-forever 2. James of Sailing Zingaro created a sponsored review for Spectra Watermakers: https://artofboatrepair.com/review-page/everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about-a-spectra-watermaker In each case, tap the orange “Reviewer Declaration” icon to display the review’s declaration.
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